Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jim Sinclair on bank bailouts and bonuses

Jim Sinclair’s Commentary

Who paid the bonuses for Wall Street and how it worked:

1. FASB capitulates and allows holders of OTC derivatives to value them at whatever they wish.
2. International investment firms begin strong mark up policies towards their crap inventory.
3. Profits from the mark up of crap OTC derivatives by the international investment firms is recognized as trading income.
4. Tarp money comes into the firms and goes out as bonuses to the management, trading department and general employees at obscene levels.
5. Stock and bond issues are made to pay back tarp funds.
6. Therefore the money bonuses out by the international investment firms were TARP funds, not real earnings, but false FASB permitted mark up paper earnings through the trading department and declared as trading income.
7. The TARP money was paid back through the issue of stocks and bonds to the public, therefore the public paid the TARP back, not the financial institutions.
8. The obscene level of bonuses is because this game of convert false paper profit into cash into the bank account of the banksters and their merry crew is now game over. It was the last dip at the well of public funds laundered via TARP of the caved in FASB.
9. In the final analysis the public paid those obscene bonuses that were in truth, unearned.

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