Sunday, May 28, 2017

We’ve Uncovered Patterns of Gold Price Manipulation: Rosa Abrantes-Metz

I agree with this interviewee that gold and silver markets are being illegally manipulated, like FOREX and the LIBOR, and that the precious metals sector is easier to manipulate as they are less liquid and smaller relative to other financial markets.

But what is disappointing is that she presumes regulators could somehow monitor and enforce markets better.  Yes, they can certainly improve in those areas, but what she doesn't account for is that the government regulators are captured by the very banks they are supposed to regulate.  In other words, instead of enforcing securities laws, the regulators are enabling the miscreant bankers.

Like the credit ratings agencies who were coerced by the banks into giving toxic securities a safe AAA rating, the regulators are not only complicit in the surreptitious capping of precious metals futures prices, they are part of the fraud.

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