Monday, October 7, 2013

David Stockman - This Financial Collapse Will Be Catastrophic
Eric King:  “How frightening will that period of chaos you just described be for investors?”

Stockman: “There is every reason to believe that it will be outside the range of prior experience.  Once it is clear that the Fed is out of ammunition, I think it’s going to cause an even greater wave of panic than we had last time (in 2008).  I think it’s a ship of fools (the Fed).  They have enormous power over the entire financial system, not only domestically, but over the entire global system.  It tells you why this doctrine of monetary central planning is so destructive and dangerous.  No twelve people should be in a position to unleash this kind of turmoil.”

Eric King:  “In the 1970s we saw the 25-fold move in gold, before you guys (Stockman, Volcker & Dr. Roberts) rescued the system.  But this time around we’ve already seen gold up almost 800% (at the peak in 2011).  It almost sounds like gold could repeat or even outperform what we saw in the 1970s as this chaos really starts to unfold.”

Stockman:  “The upside for gold is unfathomable.  If the monetary system really unwinds because the central banks take it to the edge, and over, there’s no telling how far gold could rise.”

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