Monday, March 1, 2010

An 1801 - present USDollar chart

A declining USDollar = diminishing purchasing power = price inflation. This chart tells enough.

Now we look at Siegel's calculation of the dollar's purchasing power from 1801 to 2008. It's a measure of inflation over more than 200 years.

In periods of inflation, which reduce the value of a dollar bill, the line falls. In periods of deflation, which increase the value of a dollar bill, the line rises.

This chart's message: In the 19th century, inflation and deflation alternated wildly, but the dollar remained roughly in the same range.

In the 20th century, inflation won out decisively -- except for the relatively short interlude of the Great Depression.

Because of this 20th-century experience, the value of the dollar has fallen precipitously, to a recent 6 cents. By an astonishing coincidence, the decisive move began about the same time as the Federal Reserve did.

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