Monday, December 22, 2014

Yes, Russia To Unleash Black Swans Against West But Here Is The Scary Part

It's becoming pretty clear why the Obama administration is making nice with Cuba, and declaring North Korea's "cyber-attack" on SONY.  Both are allies of Russia and China, respectively.

In fact, North Korea can't lift a finger without China's approval and capabilities.  Re-declaring North Korea as a terrorist threat is merely misdirection to rally nationalistic support against China.

Russia and China individually are formidable nuclear-capable threats.  The two foes combined make them impossible to engage militarily.  From a foreign currency perspective, the USDollar is gaining strength and wreaking havoc in all oil-exporting nations.

These currency devaluation wars are a precursor to military conflict.  King Dollar must maintain its hegemony, or it's lights out for the US.

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