Friday, December 26, 2014

David Stockman On Black Swans & The U.S. War With Russia

I agree with Stockman's opinion on the illogical and dangerous US foreign policy of encroachment on Russia.  But I do disagree with this part:

“There was no reason to expand NATO all the way through eastern Europe — adding 14 new countries since the Cold War ended — coming all the way to the border of Russia, creating tensions and antagonisms that have no reason to exist."
There were reasons--nefarious and misguided notwithstanding.  China needs energy, and it has secured energy sources from Russia.  The BRICS countries have the population, the natural resources, and are generally more solvent than the over-indebted western powers.  Current US policy of agitating Russia is an affront against both superpowers China and Russia.

So there are reasons behind the US' "war against Russian aggression."  But it doesn't make the campaign against Putin moral, and it will end up being disastrous.

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