Monday, July 22, 2013

Bo Polny: June 28, 2013, Dawn of the Next Gold Bull

I met Bo at the Jim Sinclair event in Los Angeles.  I am not in any way connected with him, nor am I endorsing his service, but he appears to have a good handle on the price movements of gold.  My only concern is he tracks GLD, which may decouple from the price of physical gold at some point.

Bo is calling the June 28 low a major secular bottom for gold.  We shall see.

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  1. You mean "cyclical" bull. (like it says on the chart).

  2. I literally copied his title--it says very clearly "Dawn of the Next Gold Bull".

    You're referring to the bottom-right part of the chart, "Break-away Gap for Gold into the 2014 Next Cyclical Top!"

    There are many interpretations, but mine is the bull market in gold will continue, and there will be a cyclical top in 2014, but the bull market will resume. I'm assuming there are several cycles within one secular bull market, with both cyclical lows and cyclical highs.

  3. Recently his calls have been off, more time is needed to fully judge.

  4. I don't follow his calls, so I won't make an assessment. Many gold bulls are not traders; they are accumulators. Another perspective may consider his calls as early, and not wrong. However, for a trader, timing is everything.

    Most gold bulls don't trade or buy the GLD ETF, as it is a paper representation of gold, and not physical gold.

  5. This guy is a quacksalver. If you do the opposite you can win.
    He just steals your money.