Sunday, November 22, 2009

COMEX December gold and silver options

COMEX December gold and silver options expire tomorrow, Monday, November 23, which usually means the commercial shorts will go into overdrive to manipulate the price down. However, given the physical shortage, gold has been gapping up in anticipation of this date. Combined with the backwardation of gold as I blogged last Friday here, the price of gold is increasing this evening (in Asian Monday morning trading).

Should rumors of COMEX defaults on gold and silver actually occur, the exchange may just retroactively invalidate all delivery contracts, and merely slap a fine on short sellers who settle via cash. Physical buyers will be stiffed, despite receiving a cash premium.

To those who believe a COMEX default will never occur, refer to the London Metals Exchange default on nickel in 2006. Buyers did NOT receive the physical inventory, and short sellers merely had to pay a 10% fine above spot price.

Should such a default occur with gold or silver, the price of physical gold and silver will soar, as will paper certificates allegedly backed by the precious metals. There will be huge dislocations in financial markets worldwide should such a default on COMEX occur. Gold bugs ridiculed for their conspiracy theories will have the last laugh.

The CFTC is also reviewing enforcement of position size limits in the energy and precious metals pits, which would force bullion banks to drastically reduce their concentrated permanent short positions. This will also catalyze gold and silver price spikes.

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