Monday, October 4, 2010

Will foreclosure fraud cause another banking meltdown?

After physical paperwork was filled out and signed by the borrower, the banks electronically filed the paperwork into a computerized system called the “Mortgage Electronic Registry System” (MERS). According to Congressman Grayson, 60%, or 60 million, mortgages are in MERS. The banks lost track of the original paperwork, the note, signed by the borrower. That is what actually proves the bank owns the property. Grayson says, “It appears that on a widespread and probably pervasive basis they (the banks) did not take the steps necessary to own the note . . . which means that in 45 out of the 50 states they lack the legal right to foreclose. . . . So they have simply created a system where servicers hire foreclosure mill law firms whose business is to forge documents showing or purporting to show they have a legal right to foreclose.”

Please take a moment and grasp the enormity of this problem for the banks. There are 60 million homes which banks loaned money on, and now they might not be able to legally get the property back if the homeowner defaults! Another colossal problem for the banks is the trillions of dollars in mortgages bundled into securities. Remember, the banks were giving anyone who could fog a mirror a mortgage which allowed them to create and sell lucrative mortgage backed securities. So, there are trillions of dollars in mortgage backed securities that now could have NO backing! Would you like to be the pension fund manager who bought that security? Do you think this just might cause an accounting problem for the banks? Do you think this could push some of the big banks into bankruptcy? Will there be another financial meltdown and government rescue?

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