Saturday, October 9, 2010

Food stamp nation with inflation

It's incredibly cruel and in poor taste to see pundits, analysts, and experts hail the Dow Jones Industrial Average cross the 11,000 threshold. And it's disheartening to witness the Bureau of Labor Statistics under-count unemployment and understate inflation at 1% for the Consumer Price Index, when a quick trip to the grocery store and gas station reveals much higher inflation. They're all lies perpetuated by the government, hiding behind flawed, official calculations to calm the growing social unrest. Meanwhile, the underclass and disappearing middle class have seen their purchasing power evaporate.

Are government economists and central bankers even looking to solve our economic problems? Or are they merely interested in covering up their treasonous actions? Debates of recovery vs. double dip recession seem pointless when the reality is that we are in the midst of a Greater Depression, with at least a decade of lower growth and higher inflation staring us in the face.

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