Monday, December 7, 2009

Climate-gate in Copenhagen

Luminaries, climatology pundits, government leaders, celebrities and paparazzi (er, journalists) are gathering in Copenhagen to discuss the hazards of carbon dioxide, and how we're all going to choke on ourselves. Which means sovereign governments (and banks) will need to legislate and commercialize carbon credits to regulate said carbon emissions. Never mind such actions will guarantee financial doom first (ed. note).

Meanwhile, 140 personal jets are descending upon Copenhagen's airport. Since Copenhagen doesn't have enough limousines to chauffer around the Anthropogenic Warming intelligentsia, 1200 more limos will need to be driven in from Sweden and Germany--hundreds of miles each way. Apparently, Dr.'s Leonardo DiCaprio, Daryl Hannah, Helena Christensen, and Prince Charles can't share a cab. Besides, what celebrity would be caught dead exiting a taxi in a red carpet moment?

All told, 41,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be released during the Copenhagen Climate Summit. How's that for a green carbon footprint?

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