Wednesday, March 21, 2018

JPMorgan's Domination of COMEX Silver

Why the World’s Central Banks hold Gold – In their Own Words

Bear Stearns – A Different Opinion

Monetary Aggregates vs. Gold Reserves

According to this chart by Santiago Capital, the price of gold would have to be up to $53,000/oz. to fully back monetary aggregates (M0, M1, M2).

The current spot price of gold is $1330/oz.

Google Is Working on Its Own Blockchain-Related Technology

To my Luddite naysayers:  Got crypto?

Twitter CEO Says Bitcoin Will Become World’s ‘Single Currency’ Within A Decade

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Steen Jakobsen: Now Is The Time To Be In Capital-Preservation Mode

So what Jakobsen is basically saying is what I've been pounding the table on for a while: the all-everything bubble of both equities and bonds (and by extension, real estate since it's collateral) will burst, which is bullish for this asset class: "As for a longer view, he predicts commodities will be one of the best asset classes to own over the next five to ten years."
Got gold?