Thursday, April 28, 2016

Why Is JPM's "Quant Guru" Suddenly Worried About The "Endgame"
"If investors lose confidence that the debt can ever be repaid, they will reduce their holdings, increasing the cost to governments or inviting more central bank buying. This can eventually result in the devaluation of all currencies against real assets such as gold, high inflation or even outright defaults (as was the case in Greece). If such a trend develops in one of the large economies, it could have far-reaching consequences." - Marko Kolanovic, Global Head of Quantitative and Derivatives Research at J.P. Morgan

Gold bugs like myself have been ranting about this for years. It's a bit surprising that the head of JPMorgan's quant fund is echoing these concerns. The tide is turning, and the mad rush to precious metals has begun. One exit, trillions trapped in the fiat currency matrix. Grab the popcorn, folks.

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