Sunday, November 30, 2014

Swiss Voters Reject Increasing Gold Reserves In Referendum

As predicted, and according to recent polls, the Swiss gold referendum was rejected--by a wide margin.  The tell signal was Friday's action in the precious metals sector as both gold and silver tanked.  As usual, insiders got a preliminary peak at the voter outcome.  This occurs quite often before legislative votes, clinical trial binary outcomes, policy actions, etc.

Prices of precious metals could temporarily dip more tomorrow.  The financial elite used every tactic in their anti-gold propaganda and won by a landslide.  So the status quo remains--until more countries look to repatriate their sovereign gold.

Chalk another one up for the banking cartel in their pro-fiat and anti-gold campaign.  This may extend the repression of precious metals pricing, but it only serves as a springboard for future upside potential.

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