Thursday, May 1, 2014

Furious Selling Slam Sends Silver Red For 2014: No Limits Triggered

"These takedowns in both gold and silver are designed to protect the 'full faith and credit' of the dollar.  There is no other reason.  If/when gold/silver trade at honest market prices, confidence in the US dollar will evaporate.  These non-profit takedowns protect the dollar by discouraging investment in alternate currencies, which is what gold/silver are--alternate currencies.  These prices are not real, of course, so with each takedown, the coil of true market price is wound even tighter, with even more energy being stored for a move to the upside.  Gold, followed by silver, is the enemy of paper money.  Ask yourself what gold at $thousands and silver at $hundreds would mean for the perceived value of paper money.  Ask yourself why gold and silver are the only two commodities on earth -- the only collectibles -- the only measures of worth -- that are not at 2014 inflation levels, but instead are at price levels more like 1980.   Ask yourself why 4 billion Asians trust gold/silver and not paper money.  If you believe there are no buyers, if you believe there is no robust demand, then talk to them. These price takedowns could not exist without braindead hedgies playing along, surrendering their money in the futures and options markets to the bullion banks, which are operatives of Central Banks.  Ask yourself why China/Russia/MidEast/India are gobbling up gold/silver and Americans are selling.  Then ask yourself which region will emerge/is emerging on top. Why will the US Fed/White House not allow an audit of Ft. Knox. It's because the truth would put them in the guillotine.  By the way, try buying real gold and silver from honest brokers at these prices.  You cannot." - Bardo63,
Thu, 05/01/2014 - 08:55 | 4715492 bardot63, zero hedge reader

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