Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ted Butler: Suing JPMorgan and the COMEX

Ted Butler's work on the surreptitious price suppression of silver has been relentless.

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  1. Ted is the best of the best explaining these nuts and
    bolts. But where is his grasp of monetary matters? I see it
    not! The CME only cares about generating more fee income? No, it's also an instrument of monetary suppression. Consumers have no input into pricing? No---the Silver Users Association has input into pricing. In the 1980 silver crash, a COMEX board member, Andrew Brimmer, was on the Federal Reserve Board several years earlier and was a Du Pont director at the time they slit silver's throat.

    Does anyone seriously think that SUA companies like Dow Chemical and Du Pont lack banking relationships with JPM Chase? Apart from these deficiencies, Ted's article is quite commendable; but let us not be hindered by neglected aspect fallacies. I think if Ted took time to reflect, he'd at least agree on this metals consumer aspect. They are shorts---not neutrals.
    All raw materials users want the lowest price.

    Additionally there’s the problem of a Federal lawsuit having to be
    filed in Federal court. Who appoints Federal judges? The President appoints them. Judge Patterson who dismissed the silver lawsuit came straight from Rockefeller University Council. CME Group director William Miller II worked for the Rockefeller Foundation. Not happenstance.

    The President is always a tool of these metals price squelchers; he belongs to The Pilgrims Society (see Google images) to which top bankers also belong. Morgan Chase has huge influence in all Presidential nominating processes, insuring the "right" judges will be appointed.

    Terrence Duffy of CME is a member of the Economic Club of Chicago, with Charles Evans head of the Chicago Fed Bank and Glenn Tilton of JPM Chase.

    We may as well add the Federal Reserve as a defendant. As for The Pilgrims Society, a Congressional subpoena may be the only
    way to pry a roster out of the innards of this secretive oyster that
    ties us so strongly to the British financial establishment. What is the President doing involved with a group few people have ever heard of? The Royals come to see Obama; metals are still suppressed in his administration; and we see the absurdity of $50 stamped on one ounce Canadian gold Maple Leaf coins made by the Royal Mint!---Charles Savoie