Saturday, September 21, 2013

This Chaos Is All Part Of The Move To A New Financial System
The reason I bring this up is back in the days of the French Revolution, when they brought in the assignat paper currency, which eventually imploded and went the way of all of the other paper currencies in history, they passed a law that if you tried to pay your debts in gold or silver you would face execution.  Well, the people just ignored it (laughter ensues) because they were believers in gold and silver and not believers in paper.

When the assignat paper money inflation ended in France, what happened was they took the unprinted bails of soon-to-be fiat paper money, all of the money that had recently been printed at the mints, as well as the printing presses and the plates, and they took them all to the Place de la Concorde in Paris.  In front of a huge crowd they smashed the printing presses and plates with sledge hammers and then set fire to everything else in a huge bonfire.  This was to signify the end and that they were not going to print fiat paper money anymore.

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