Sunday, November 18, 2012

Money is far too important to be left to the politicians
As this monetary system fights a hard fight to its bitter end, governments are working harder than ever to stop individuals choosing how to store their money. Whilst here in the West we seem blinkered by the monopoly money governments woo us with, our compatriots elsewhere are onto something; saving vociferously in gold, aware that their governments are proving poor stewards of the monetary system. But in many cases, if not all, the government is putting up a fight.

Whilst governments and loyal Bernanke followers out there continue to tell us that ‘gold is not money’ their actions continue to prove them wrong.

Clamping down on the use of gold in both the banking system and the marketplace is yet another attempt by government to prove their money is the best money…but they need to control gold in order to prove it.

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