Monday, November 5, 2012

Christie orders odd-even gas rationing for some

In the "I told you category", how many times have I warned people the 70's style even/odd gas rationing system would be put in place again?  Click <here> and <here> for in-depth analysis.  I wasn't sure what type of natural disaster would trigger it.  I'm not bringing this up to brag.  I'm bringing it up to remind folks that just because something sounds outlandish, doesn't mean it can't happen.  I'm also reminding people that these events not only CAN happen, they have ALREADY happened.  People just have short memories--especially when the memories are unpleasant.  So wake up and smell the coffee, and get out of your normalcy bias funk.

My most extreme prediction is currency-induced cost push inflation will trigger hyperinflation, and gas rationing will becpme a permanent condition. Again, it appears ridiculous, but a hyperinflationary collapse has occurred throughout history, and every country experiences it at one time or another.  When central banks create trillions in credit and currency units out of thin air, the paper experiments never end well.  Hedge and stock up accordingly.

Here are the consequences of the Sandy aftermath.  Also, see how much gas is going for on Craigslist in some parts of New Jersey.  Click <here>.

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