Monday, May 16, 2011

Too Big to Jail

Thanks to an unnamed good friend (for his/her own protection) who found this snippet on CNN.

At least Goldman Sachs shill Megan McArdle admits she didn't read the report, ergo she is eminently qualified to comment on it.  Not.  "These cases are incredibly difficult to bring and win..." is a legitimate reason to not prosecute them?  What a friggen' joke of a print journalist.  So Megan, how much did you get paid for your incredibly ignorant, er...insightful comments?  Obviously, none of it was used for a make-over.

As for Matt Taibbi's landmark exposes on The Vampire Squid, I would be increasing his life insurance coverage if I were him.  Let's hope he doesn't end up in some mysterious "accident".  He's one of the truly courageous investigative journalists left.

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