Wednesday, April 20, 2011

University Of Texas Fund CEO Shares His Views On Gold, Explains Why He Took Delivery Of $1 Billion In The Precious Metal

Please watch this video, because I can assure other multi-billion dollar pension fund, mutual fund, and endowment fund managers are, and they will come to the same conclusion:  protect your purchasing power against a government hell-bent on destroying it.  And when da boyz buy in, they will move the needle a lot further north than you will.  The question one has to ask oneself is this:  should one buy now before the big boys buy tons of it, or should one wait, hoping to buy in at a lower price, but risk missing the train if prices soar instead?  No one can answer that question for you with certainty, as prices do fluctuate.  Connect the dots and come to your own conclusions.

A couple notes:

1) CNBC has been anti-gold during this entire decade-long bull market in precious metals.  Meanwhile, CNBC has continually advocated real estate and equities while followers have been crushed by the real estate bubble and TWO stock market crashes in the last decade.
2) The "undisclosed location, underground in New York" where the UT endowment fund took delivery of their physical gold bullion is actually in HSBC's vaults.  As stated in earlier blogs, if I was Zimmerman, I would get a bunch of Texas Rangers to literally take delivery of their bullion and transport it into their own depository--in Austin, Texas.  Because when the crap hits the fan, HSBC may just declare force majeure, and renege, at which point, Texas would start another Civil War.

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Disclosure:  long precious metals mining shares.  As for physical gold and silver:  none of your business.

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