Thursday, July 15, 2010

NEMJ article on Lorcaserin

For those who can't wait for the hard copy, here's a thread on the ARNA message board.


  1. So do you hold strong here. I see ARNA going down if the panel gives VVUS a down vote today in after hours. But I also see it strengthening ARNA's position in the long term. What to do, what to do...

  2. Chris, you got your answer. I thought ARNA shares would fall in sympathy with Qnexa rejection, but I didn't think they would fall that hard. In hindsight, I should have sold some in the $5's, and re-bought back in below $4 (it briefly touched $3.70 after the vote), but cooler heads are already driving ARNA back up after hours. This is a hold, as usual, for me. I am not a trader, so I don't try to time the tops or bottoms. Every investor/trader has to understand his/her own risk tolerance, strategies, valuation methods and temperament, and trade accordingly. I will trade occasionally on the fringes, but I always keep a core position in an asset I am bullish on, including ARNA. Long-term, this is a HUGE opportunity for ARNA, as a big competitor is now off the table. All my long-term models see a share price in the double-digits--at least, and today strengthens my resolve. $4 is a gift, in my opinion. See disclaimers on the side bar, and definitely still long ARNA.