Friday, December 4, 2009

Gold bull market: a bubble?

Skeptics claim the decade-long bull market in gold is a bubble waiting burst. The reasoning is that the rally in gold lacks fundamentals. Here is a counter argument given by Jim Willie.

One must suppose that skyrocketing gold investment demand and rush to diversify out of a collapsing dollar do not qualify as fundamental. And the absence of metals exchange gold inventory also does not qualify as fundamental. And the Chinese pledge to lift their gold reserves 10-fold to 10 thousand metric tonnes in eight to ten years, that is not fundamental either. And the G-20 pledges to formally move toward an IMF basket of currencies, known as the Special Drawing Rights, and away from the USDollar, that is not fundamental either. And the Saudi announcement of a phase-out of sales for crude oil in US$ terms over the next few years, neither is that a fundamental. And the grossly insolvent banks in the Untied States, England, and Europe, which are simultaneously struggling, unable to extend loans, desperately suckling from government teats, that is not fundamental either. Burnedstein plainly fails to recognize that the entire world is grasping for something tangible within the global monetary system overrun by toxic paper, and that anchor reached for is gold.

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