Monday, November 9, 2009

My Facebook post on deficit spending

Kathleen, not to single you out, as I do agree with you on the benefits of hope, but when the hopes are built on a false foundation, the house will crumble. Ask Shawna, as I'm sure she is aware of my thoughts--and investment theses. It's built on mistrust of government fiscal and monetary policies. It's got nothing to do with Dems vs. GOP, or conservative vs. liberal, etc. Obama and Pelosi just happen to take it to unprecedented extremes, as our nation's currency--and hence, our sovereignty are now at risk of being irrelevant.

Long story short, you could quite possibly be holding confetti, built on false promises from the Fed and US Treasury, with the complicity of our banking industry, who Congress conveniently bailed out, while they appropriate all this deficit spending. The US is running a massive Ponzi scheme, taking in taxes on social security and other unfunded entitlement programs--knowing full well payers will never see a dime back.

I'm in the business of risk management, not in the business of forming ideaological judgments, and unfortunately, the average American is an unwilling participant in the huge casino of the world's financial system. It includes citizens who pay taxes, have home mortgages, credit cards, retirement savings, or merely hold the USDollar. In other words, every single American.

The financial implications go well beyond whether Congress enacts healthcare reform, cap and trade, or any other bill. The crux of it comes down to you can't keep spending money you don't have. Because in our case, the foreign creditors who have been lending us this money, will eventually say "Enough!", and then the music will stop.

The US government has been bailing out failing industries, and foreign sovereign funds have been buying Treasury bills to fund our debts, but when they realize the US government itself is already bankrupt, they won't be bailing us out.

Sorry to take the punchbowl away, but the G-20 countries have already pissed in it.

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