Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lorcaserin clinical trial

Ed Susman, a medical doctor who participated as a patient in an obesity clinical trial, blogs about it on MedPage. He still doesn't know if he was part of the Lorcaserin group or the placebo control group--as it is a double-blinded study, but the extreme weight loss for the diabetic points toward the Lorcaserin active group.

Here's the video:


Here's his personal account of it:


The results of Bloom, the first of two pivotal Phase III clinical trials, were announced in March. Researchers were upbeat about Lorcaserin's FDA approvability, due to its safety and tolerability profile, as well as meeting one of the FDA weight loss efficacy guidances. Wall Street analysts were underwhelmed, causing the share price of Arena Pharmaceuticals to decline by 25% overnight. I later picked up some more shares when the price per share (pps) bottomed out around $2.50.

Results for Blossom, the second of two pivotal trials will be announced next month, and due to the statistical significance of Bloom's 3000+ patients, Blossom results for 4000+ patients should be similar to Bloom's.

Dr. Susman participated in the non-pivotal Bloom-DM Phase III clinical trial for diabetics. Anecdotally, diabetics find it more difficult to lose weight, so his weight loss of 52 points is especially significant.

Disclosure: Long ARNA shares.

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