Friday, July 17, 2009

Two ships arrive overnight...

BDSI's cancer drug pain-killer finally gained approval yesterday, after an almost year-long delay regarding labeling issues against misuse and abuse. With a novel drug delivery system, along with a strong pipeline, and a low float of shares, this investment in BioDelivery Sciences is a winner.

BCRX shares shot up overnight, after partner Shionogi announced positive results in Peramivir Phase III trials in Japan and Korea. Peramivir is an anti-viral which competes against existing stockpiles of Roche's Tamiflu and GSK's Relenza. Due to mutation, viral strains are starting to show resistance to Tamiflu and possibly Relenza. Hence, the race to develop a new anti-viral.

We've known of this partnership for a while and the stock has more than tripled since we bought in May, but the shares should soar higher if and when the US assigns Emergency Use Authorization for stockpiling against a pandemic flu.

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