Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lebron James gets dunked on

Check out this video of LeBron James, NBA MVP, being dunked on by a college player:

This was a bootleg videotape by an observer at the camp.

Nike is losing its touch. Fearing damage to their icon's reputatiion, they confiscated videocamera men's tapes, blowing a great deprecating opportunity to portray Lebron as human. He does it already in funny commercials with Nike and ESPN. This is exactly why incumbents lose market share--they get defensive, put in a version of the prevent defense, and eventually lose out to a disruptive startup.

Nike is known for being an innovative, edgy, irreverent, and creative marketer--now they look like an old fogey, unable to handle a little rejection, and trying to suppress a potentially embarrassing event. They appear pathetic by attempting to cover up an otherwise meaningless occurrence.

After all, everybody gets dunked on at some point by other world class basketball players, including MJ and Kobe.

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