Wednesday, July 22, 2009


HEB shares dramatically dropped $0.92 to $2.40, giving up all the gains from the past several days. The conference call update on swine flu initiatives worldwide didn't impress investors, as they focused on the delays in FDA approval for Ampligen as a treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Days like today are exactly why one should take partial profits on recent large gains, which we did yesterday. As this is all "house" money, I can afford to wait for further developments on either the CFS or swine flu adjuvant front.

BCRX and NVAX share prices were up modestly today after large gains in previous trading sessions, waiting in anticipation of tomorrow's FDA vaccine advisory committee meeting. Both are waiting for pending positive news on Emergency Use Authorization, which will allow them to manufacture doses for the national stockpile. NVAX's VLP technology cuts down the time to manufacture vaccines, which is becoming increasingly urgent as the pending swine flu season is expected in September when schools re-open.

BCRX's Peramivir is not a vaccine, but an anti-viral treatment that reduces the symptoms of the flu and shortens recovery time. EUA is expected for intravenous use in severe cases requiring hospitalization.

Both NVAX and BCRX are working with health officials worldwide, with especially intense clinical activity being performed in Japan and the US.

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