Monday, January 26, 2009

More crooks

Stephen Obie, Director of Enforcement with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which oversees the futures exchanges, is on Fox Business News preaching about transparency, oversight, regulation, and enforcement, and waving his hands on TV like a Dale Carnegie salesman. He's saying how the SEC and investors didn't oversee and perform due diligence on Bernie Madoff.

What's unbelievable is that the commodity pits are rife with manipulation and corruption beyond imagination. Big commercial traders and banks have artificially suppressed prices on the futures markets for years--yet, the CFTC never investigates the commercials--they know where their bread is buttered. Naked shorting makes it possible for the commercials to dampen prices on commodities like gold and silver, with no intention for physical delivery on settlement date. In other words, they'll sell short a futures contract with no inventory, and no intention to deliver at that date. These are phantom contracts, much like the toxic credit default swaps which were uncollaterized. These naked short-selling commercials are selling vaporware, and their massive short positions alone can drive prices lower due to no other reason than market manipulation.

Instead, the CFTC goes after the small-time speculators for minor non-compliance, but they will not reveal who takes large positions on either side of a trade--including the commercials who manipulate the markets. Transparency? What a crock--Fort Knox hasn't had an independent audit for its gold reserves since the early 1950's. Many conspiracy theorists are saying half of what is reported in vaults has either been sold off or leased, yet is still counted.

Eventually, this con game will be exposed when a seller will default, unable to meet physical delivery demands. That day is approaching, as buyers in the middle east are scrambling to buy gold and dealers are unable to meet that demand.

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