Friday, June 13, 2008

Another sign pointing to a recession...

This may be my most accurate economic indicator ever--traffic flow. If it takes an hour and a half to drive from Century City to Manhattan beach on the 405, we have full employment. On the other hand, if it takes 20 minutes, bet on a recession. That's assuming no highway drive-by shootings...

I also hear some homes in San Bernardino are going for 20 cents on the dollar, as long as you buy 100 of them at a time. That might seem too tempting to pass up--until you factor in that life expectancy in the Inland Empire is 10 years shorter than the beach areas.

The best deals around the country seem to be in high disaster areas. But then again, the reasons are self-explanatory.

My girlfriend is vacationing in Australia later this month. She got a good deal on the airfare and hotel, but I warned her that she may get sticker shock once she lands on resource-rich Down Under. The dollar is tanking, thanks to Bernanke's alleged life-respiratory reduction of the Fed rate. That's fine, until you figure out you just deposited your monthly rent into the fuel tank of your Chevy Suburban. The Aussies seem to be holding up well. Probably because China and India are buying up all their ore.

Actually, the US has strong exporters, too. Foreigners are eating up cameo appearances of Paris, Lindsey, and Britney on TMZ...

I have a feeling at some point down the line, I will have a rant about our priorities and our educational system. I'm proud of the fact that I have no idea who won the latest American idol (okay, that was a lie--I remember him now as I caught the finals--I just don't know his name). My girlfriend no longer forces me to watch it, just like I don't force her to watch Golf Channel anymore.

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